Parade Videos

Everyone loves a good parade. And, from our annual Apparatus Parade held during our Block Party, to participation in other Fire Department and holiday parades, Delano Fire Company No. 1 has been involved in untold numbers.  We don’t have videos of them all, but, here’s what we’ve managed to find.   And don’t forget to check back because, as we’ve said, everyone loves a good parade and we plan on having many more of them!


A video of the apparatus parade from our 2014 Block Party. The parade included equipment from many of the surrounding communities, as well as our own.



Below are two videos of the apparatus parade on August 11th during our 2012 Block Party.



Below are 4 videos of the apparatus parade on August 14th during our 2010 Block Party. The last video is in high definition!



Below is a video of the August 8th apparatus parade from our 2009 Block Party.

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