Catching Up! Some Event Image Additions!

We’ve finally found some free time to add some overdue images to our event archives.  We only have newspaper clippings from some of the older events, but they’re now archived on our site and you can check them out at the following links!

2016 (10/29) Second Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

2016 (10/29) Meat Raffle With Bears Head Sportsman Association

2016 (10/28) Kids Pumpkin Painting Party

2016 (05/14) Broken Spell Rocks The House

1951 (07/13) Nick Hubb’s Orchestra Dance

1951 (03/17) Square Dance With Dad And His Variety Boys

1951 (02/15) Ladies Auxiliary Sauerkraut And Roast Pork Supper

1946 (01/01) New Years Raffle And Dance


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