The Founding Of The Ladies Auxiliary In 1948

The Ladies Auxiliary of Delano Fire Company No. 1 functioned several years before they became an organized group.   Beginning with absolutely nothing and often working with “make shift” equipment, they held picnics, dinners, bake and soup sales… all to raise money for a fire company and a fire house.

The original group informally organized in 1948, with the following women elected to office:

President:  Anna Bowman (resigned after 3 months and replaced by Christine Shaup)

Vice President: Sara Edinger

Secretary: Elizabeth Purcell

Treasurer: Franey Rhoades

Bylaws were adopted and the women discussed obtaining a charter, but it was ultimately postponed until 1974.   Dues were initially set at .25 cents per month, but were later dropped to .15 cents.   Women were not required to be residents of Delano, although the minimum age to join was 21. Each member was requested to donate one dish, or its’ “equivalent”, which was to be left at the firehouse for use when needed.

Card and bingo parties, hoagie and bake sales, spaghetti and sauerkraut suppers were held to bring in needed revenue.  At first, proceeds were given to the Fire Company to help clear the initial organizing, apparatus and construction debts.   As things progressed, the women were able to equip a modern kitchen from their fund raising efforts.

Since those earliest days, the Ladies Auxiliary of Delano Fire Company No. 1 has continued to hold special events, dinners and fund raisers and play a very important and special role in supporting Delano Fire Company No. 1


The Founding Members of the Ladies Auxiliary From 1948

Anna Ashfield                                           Hannah Gouldner

Ruth Andrews                                           Clara Heckman

Arvella Benninger                                     Ethel Hinkle

Anna Bones                                              Catherine Herman

Anna Bowman                                          Jennie Houser

Mary Blew                                                 Catherine Henninger

Mae Cauley                                              Anna Kistler

Minnie Cauley                                          Johanna Liddicoat

Helen Collins                                            Lena Mogish

Jennie Collins                                           Dolly Mogish

Mae Coll                                                   Kitty Minchoff

Pearl Davis                                              Sara Noone

Harriet De John                                        Elizabeth Purcell

Bertha Derr                                              Anna Pedriana

Pearl De John                                          Franey Rhoades

Harriet De John                                        Anna Ryan

Ruth Deeble                                             Margaret Ryan

Catherine Derr                                         Eva Riddle

Audrey Derr                                             Sadie Reese

Elizabeth Diebert                                      Ella Shaup

Lottie Ecker                                              Agnes Shaup

Sara Edinger                                            Ella Stahl

Catherine Eisenbach                                Christine Shaup

Sadie Edinger                                           Hulda Wertman

Blanche Edinger                                       Verna Walters

Franey Engle                                            Kathleen Spaar

Sally Ferrence                                          Ruth Greager

Amelia Faust                                             Zelma Burkey

Elizabeth Flaim

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