The Volunteer Firemen

Penned by an unknown author……



        We are often reminded of citizens from all parts of the country who have contributed to the preservation of freedoms and other values in the United States.  There are commendations, accolades and medals, and rightfully so.

        But how often does the average person think of, or thank, those in our county midst who may risk their lives many times during the year in unique and dangerous voluntary duty?

        Volunteer firemen all over Schuylkill County perform courageously without concern for possible personal injury, or even death, month after month, year after year.  Their valiant acts are carried out, most of the time, on behalf of persons they don’t know personally; but this makes no difference to them.

        Men and women, they do what they do because they are blessed with a conscience which tells them there is a need for the service they provide.

        The time of day or night, or season of the year, are not obstacles to which they cater when they are called.  Their personal sacrifices over a period of time are countless.

        They are dedicated to their task from which they expect no glory and receive no pay.

        Volunteerism in its most gallant and purist form is theirs.

        The instinct they possess reflects the best in human beings.

        They don’t ask for commendations, accolades or medals.

But all of us should say “thanks” once in a while.

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