A Few Things To Know About Cell Phones

As we leave another winter behind us, we would like to remind all of our friends and family that remaining alert while navigating the area roadways is always a full time job.   It seems to get easier during the warmer months to falsely assume that the highways and byways are somewhat safer.   Sure, there’s no black ice to worry about, nor heavy snow to adversely effect visibility.   But that’s no reason to take things for granted.   A big danger on the roads these days are cell phones.  They’re responsible for a lot of accidents and here’s just a few of the statistics so you know it’s no joke:

  • A driver who texts will lose a minimum 5 seconds of attention time to the road while sending or reading a text.  At 55 mph, that equals driving the length of a football field while totally oblivious to the road.
  • If you text while driving, you’re 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash.
  • The National Safety Council claims that close to 2 million crashes occur each year which involve drivers who are using cell phones and/or texting.
  • A driver who is dialing a cell phone is 2.8 times more likely to get into a wreck.
  • The mere act of reaching for a cell phone will increase the likelihood of a wreck by 1.4 times.

As stated, those are just a few of the statistics.   It’s a major problem, and something that your rescue personnel have way too many nightmares about.   So if you like carrying your cell phone, TURN IT OFF while you’re driving.   And please do have a frank discussion with your kids about driver safety.  And if you think you’re exempt from the statistics, have a look at the video we’re posting below.  They were all folks who thought they were going to beat those statistics as well.  Enjoy the warmer weather and BE SAFE!


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